Broom soft

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  • The handle of the product has a distinctive rectangular shape, which may offer advantages in grip or handling compared to traditional handles. A secure locking mechanism, likely for safety or operational purposes.
  • An ergonomically-shaped handle is designed to fit comfortably in the user’s hand while minimizing strain and fatigue during use. The shape is often based on the natural contours of the human hand, promoting better grip and control.
  • Inverted ribs grooves along the handle that are oriented in a manner where they protrude inward rather than outward. These ribs are designed to enhance grip and prevent slippage, thereby improving overall user control and handling of the tool.
  • Virgin plastic tends to have better quality and durability compared to recycled plastics. Sleek virgin plastic handle gives visually appealing and durable handle material for the sweeping
  • The design of the handle likely includes features that improve grip, making it easier for the user to hold onto the broom or brush securely. The plastic used in a manner that minimizes harm to the environment eco-friendly manufacturing processes.
  • The product contains a mixture of superior, fine grass and long-lasting Garo-hill grass. This combination imply durability and quality in the grass used for the product’s intended purpose.


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